British All Winners Festival – Night Five

Day 5 brought a very busy evening with 3 entirely different one-acts.

The first, After Liverpool, done by The Thursday Night Project from Esher, was a sharply observed take on the subject of communication (or lack of it!) in short vignettes cleverly welded into a whole.  The piece reminded us of a minimalist music score in that the themes were repeated numerous times but with subtle nuanced differences.  There was some good sensitive delivery and the ensemble playing created an interesting “ripple” effect to the piece.  Overall quite a satisfying experience.

The next group, Pump House CYT from Watford with Sparkleshark, were a very young group (8-14) who, notwithstanding their tender years, played out their story of bullying and reconciliation with great confidence and gusto.  There was an obvious air of enthusiasm from all the youngsters and the play was very well received and applauded by the whole audience.  With children like this the future of drama seems assured!

The final play Uke Belong To Me from Big Squirrel – Ely,  was a two-hander written by one of the performers Kattreya Scheurer-Smith.  Excellent, passionate performances from the two actors who ran the whole gamut of emotions taking us along with them from their rather bizarre meeting (man rescues reluctant bride, stuck up a tree with a ukelele – yes really!)  until the final realisation that they loved each other.  A very minimal set consisting of 4 boxes moved by the actors themselves set every scene perfectly.  A very well constructed play thoroughly enjoyed by all.  One of the best evenings so far.

We look forward to the final full length play tomorrow.

Karen & Michael Goodman

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