British All Winners Festival – Night Four

The audience swelled in numbers tonight with local support coming in from nearby Wakefield to watch Priory Players give us their version of Ray Cooney’s “Funny Money”, first performed in 1994 according to our Google search.

The real clue to this performance is in the title, as we all watched a very high paced, relentless comedy based around the innocent act of Henry Perkins picking up someone else’s identical briefcase.  He got the best side of the deal with a brief case containing £735,000 in used notes but the rogue who only got some papers and a half-eaten cheese & pickle sandwich clearly wasn’t going to be happy!

We were taken through a performance involving a dodgy policeman, an impatient taxi driver, a drunken wife who can’t cope with their new-found wealth and some pretty unhelpful friends!  This play was littered with sexual innuendo providing the audience with plenty of laughs.

The set was very good indeed.  Tim Falconer gave us an excellent lead character and Julie Kidd, his totally confused wife, became a very convincing drunk.

Overall we had a very well executed farce that thoroughly entertained most of the audience.

Back to one-act drama next.

  • Karen & Michael Goodman

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