Easter Festival of Full Length Plays

Gaiety Theatre
Saturday 31st March – Friday 6th April 2018

Picture by David Streames

GoDA Adjudicator: Jennifer Scott-Reid
Tickets available from the Gaiety Theatre Box Office, 01624 600555 or online via the Villa Gaiety website

Saturday 31
st March
The London Stockholm Players
The Missing Links by John Antrobus

Maurice is frantically decorating the house while his ‘friend’ Sebastian acts as a go between, taking and receiving messages from Maurice’s wife to be and her family.  In its examination of what the house is about and the implicit marriage that is to follow, the author gets many other points about modern life off his chest.

Sunday 1st April
White Cobra Productions  Glorious!  by Peter Quilter

The inspirational true story of New York heiress, Florence Foster Jenkins, who obsessively pursues her ambition of becoming a great singer.  She dreams of playing New York’s Carnegie Hall, and only one thing stands in her way…she can’t sing a note! Recently an Oscar nominated film starring Meryl Streep in title role, this stage version of the story is laugh out loud funny, and heartbreakingly moving as Florence prepares for the greatest night in her career.

Monday 2nd April
Whole Hog Productions Brontë by Polly Teale

The play finds the sisters in 1845; Charlotte is writing Jane Eyre, Emily is writing Wuthering Heights and Ann is writing The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  Their brother Branwell returns home in disgrace.  Plagued by alcohol and drug addiction, he has been dismissed after an affair with the mistress of the house he went to as a tutor.  As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to the house, his sisters write.  This extraordinary play by Polly Teale evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontes, as the fictional characters come to haunt their creators.

Tuesday 3rd April
Upstart Entertainment  The Vandal by Hamish Linklater

Night, freezing cold, a bus stop in Kingston.  A woman waits.  A boy approaches.  A chance encounter spirals in unexpected directions.  A liquor store.  A man behind the counter selling beer.  But are things really what they seem?  Three lonesome souls cross paths to dance the dance of life in suspended animation, in a state of perpetual shock, waiting for a bus or an impetus to move on.

Content warning: Contains strong violent/sexual language

Wednesday 4th April
Wellington Theatre Company Henceforward by Alan Ayckbourn

In a dystopian future not long from now, alone, in an isolated, derelict suburban tower block, avant-garde composer Jerome struggles vainly to complete his life’s masterwork about love.  With the help of a deranged android childminder, Jerome hatches a cunning plan to retrieve the source of his inspiration, his beloved daughter Geain, from her mother, his hostile estranged ex-wife.  But the best laid plans of men and mechanical women……

Thursday 5th April
University Players  Joan of Arc  by Simon Deggim

Is it a miracle, when a farm girl hears voices, finds a sword and liberates France?  Is it a sequence of coincidences?  Or is it simply the result of careful calculations and manipulations?  Joan fights her way through political and religious obstacles to fulfil her mission as a saint in the Hundred Years War, but not everyone sees history with the same eyes.  When church and empire collide – is there space left for the dream of a farm girl?

Friday 6th April
Bejou Productions  Not A Game for Boys  by Simon Block

When Eric, Oscar and Tony, three talkative London cabbies, are faced with the match of their lives (a match which determines whether they are relegated from the Premier division), their team resilience is tested to the limit.  But while their focus is on the match at hand, their troubled private lives spill out onto the locker room floor, serving enough tension to keep the table tennis net taut for a lifetime.  Simon Block’s hilarious and lively comedy captures the sharp sometimes brutal, verbal jousting, often found between men striving to win and our three cabbies struggle, not only in keeping their rivalries but also their personal demons at bay.

Content warning: Contains strong violent/sexual language 


The F.M. Cubbon Trophy – Best Play
The Dick Craine Cup – 1st Runner Up
The Jack Lynch Cup – Second Runner Up
The John Bryan Award for Audience Appreciation
The David Sugden Memorial Trophy for Set Conception, Design and Construction
The J & B Green Award for Costume and Makeup
The Frances Isaac Award – Best Performance over the age of 60
The June Edge Cup – Most Promising Performance under 21
The Group Theatre Company – Ensemble Acting
The David Kennaugh Award – Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role
​The Mollie Corkill Award – Best Female Performance in a Supporting Role
The Vanda Lambert Award – Best Female Performance
The S. E. Benn Award – Best Male Performance
The Raven Players Award – Best Producer/Director
The Jackie Banner Award for Comedy
The Michael J. Lees Award for Drama
The Olga Gray Adjudicator’s Award – Outstanding Contribution
The winner of Best Play will go forward to compete in the British All Winners Festival