MADF Committee

President                                                    Carol Clarke

Chairman                                                    Clare Austin
Vice Chair                                                    Karen Goodman
Treasurer                                                    Helen Clarke
Minute secretary                                     Lindsay Riordan
Festivals Secretary                                
Michael Goodman
Festival Stage Manager                        David Daugherty
Committee member                              
Viv Bridson

Organiser of Friends    
                          Vivienne Hague

Rep of Friends                                          Christine Sugden
Back stage support                                Daniel Hall
PR Officer & Online Admin                 Vanessa E. H. Williams
Young Actor of Mann Coordinator  Jacqui Hawkes

Committee Representatives from:
The Legion Players
The Manx Operatic Society
Rushen Players
The Service Players
The Albany Theatre Group
Arbory Players
Friends of Manx Drama
Friends of the Gaiety

Life Members:
Mr J Bowring
Mrs O Gray
Mr S Whittam
Mr J Wright
Mrs J Green
Mr M J Lees
Mrs J Percival

MADF Constitution 1995