Sweep Under The Rug by Lindsay Price performed by Broadway Youth Theatre

Sweep Under The Rug by Lindsay Price performed by Broadway Youth Theatre

Dramatic staging and lighting as the curtains opened set us up for an interesting 55 minutes entertainment by these five young actors.
The promise of ‘everything will be wonderful’ under the new ‘Bobby Sue’ technology rings bells of Huxley’s Brave New World, recent concerns about AI and smart speakers like Alexa, not to mention promises by politicians (but we won’t go there). We grew into a love hate relationship with Bobby Sue with her robotic smile and mannerisms. The shaking head while she reboots reminds me of the buffering circle when the internet slows.
Of course it all goes wrong and we secretly cheer Miranda when she takes up the frying pan to attack Bobby Sue and wish Ariel and Conrad freedom and success for the future.
A stunning performance by these young actors with huge potential for the future.