Tell Me That Again by David Shaw presented by Hog the Limelight

“Tell Me That Again” by David Shaw   presented by Hog the Limelight

Laurel and Hardy – a legend in their own time.  This one act play celebrates their lives and careers on and off screen.  Re-telling their story from humble beginnings to global success, through snapshots of their songs and sketches.

Review by Sharon Walker

This play, in complete contrast to the first, was a biographical journey of the lives and careers of the well loved comic double act Stan Laurel and Oliver (Babe) Hardy. The play saw the 2 actors (David Shaw and Wayne Kelsall) take on the challenging task of bringing the iconic duo to life as well as playing all the other characters they interacted with throughout the play.
This included not only their managers and film studio bosses but their wives and girlfriends as well – demonstrating how versatile the 2 actors are. The play included scenes and dances from many of their famous films including ‘Way Out West’ and ‘Me and My Pal’ with the finale being the iconic dance to ‘At the ball, that’s all’.

The acting really brought the characters to life for the audience who joined in with the renditions of ‘Daisy, Daisy’ and ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’. Sue thought that the performances looked effortless and that the play had been very cleverly directed. Well Done.

Photos by Mike Trout