2018 Easter Festival Winners

Audience appreciation: White Cobra Productions – Glorious!
Set Conception, Design and Construction: White Cobra Productions – Glorious!
Costume and make up: University Player, Hamburg – Joan of Arc
Comedy: Jeremy Battersby, Bejou Productions – Not a Game for Boys
Drama: Joan of Arc (tableau, prison scene and tearing apart of Joan)
Outstanding Contribution: Joan of Arc – endings of plays and Joan being torn apart
Best producer/director: Simon Deggim – Joan of Arc
Ensemble acting: University Players, Hamburg – Joan of Arc
Best performance over the age of 60: Lynne O’Sullivan, White Cobra Productions – Glorious!
Most promising performance under 21: Ella Lubka Mainholz – Joan of Arc
Best female performance in a supporting role: Julia Berger-Beu – Yolande – Joan of Arc
Best male performance in a supporting role: Julian Gebhard – Jacques/Guard – Joan of Arc
Best Female Performance: Kate Billingham – Florence Foster Jenkins – Glorious!
Best Male Performance: Richard Jordan – Cosme McMoon – Glorious!
Second runner up: Bejou Productions – Not a Game for Boys
First Runner Up: University Players – Joan of Arc
Best Play: White Cobra Productions – Glorious!