2020 One Act Festival Entries

2020 One Act Play Festival, Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

Wednesday 4th March 2020                                                                 

“The Sandlewood Mouse” by Stephen Moran                                                    Rushen Players

Nick and Sue are auctioning their ‘heirloom’ pottery mouse.  On the day, an unexpected level of interest suggests that their part time paperweight is more valuable than expected.  Will Nick’s cunning plan to maximise their fortune bear fruit?_________________________________

“The Terrorist” by Graham Jones                                                                       Service Players

A man’s past comes back to haunt him and his family, with unexpected and chilling consequences for all concerned.  Can you ever really escape your past?_________________________________

“Money for Paint” by Michael da Silva                                                                 Hog the Limelight

A Black Comedy.  An artist is recruited by his girlfriend’s ex-boss to kill her … for a lot of money.  Can he do it?


Thursday 5th March 2020

“Lost the Plot” by Lisa Creighton                                                                          Service Players

Five university friends reunite every ten years at a party.  They catch up on life, love, family and careers, and reminisce about their salad days.  A comedy best served by the phrase “You couldn’t write it”.


“Exit” by Ron Dune                                                                                              Hog the Limelight

Five people awaken on stage not knowing how they got there and no visible exit.  They discover things about themselves and each other that could help solve the mystery. A huge leap of faith may be the only way out.


“Interior Designs” by Jimmie Chinn                                                        Broadway Theatre Company

Three women from different backgrounds share a common fate of loneliness and frustration.  In order to fill the emptiness of their lives they attempt to trap the eligible odd job man, Him, who comes into their lives to offer his services.


Friday 6th March 2020

“And Then There Were Three!” by John F Glen            Youth Entry          Broadway Youth Theatre

A disparate group of young people meet up in the aftermath of a disaster with a biological weapon that has killed all the adults.  Can they learn to co-operate and survive?


“Tell Me That Again” by David Shaw                                                                   Hog the Limelight

Laurel and Hardy – a legend in their own time.  This one act play celebrates their lives and careers on and off screen.  Re-telling their story from humble beginnings to global success, through snapshots of their songs and sketches.



Saturday 7th March 2020

“Frogs” by Karen Ankers                                                                                          Rushen Players

Frogs examines what happens when a loving relationship is challenged by illness.  Gerald and Dorothy’s long and loving relationship changes with Gerald’s descent into dementia, together with being wracked with guilt about his first wife’s suicide.


“Melody” by Deirdre Kinahan                                                                                           Service Players

Mr Kane and Kathleen meet eating lunch on a park bench and they end up sharing more than their sandwiches.  They form a strong friendship which is tested, but together they learn to accept the blessings and face the challenges of love.