And Then There Were Three! by John F Glen presented by Broadway Youth Theatre

“And Then There Were Three!” by John F Glen  presented by Broadway Youth Theatre

Youth Entry

A disparate group of young people meet up in the aftermath of a disaster with a biological weapon that has killed all the adults.  Can they learn to co-operate and survive?

Review by Sharon Walker

The play opened with a BBC news bulletin which was suddenly interrupted. Over the course of the next 20 minutes the audience were introduced to 6 children who we discovered were in the aftermath of a biological weapon disaster that had killed all the adults. We watched as they learnt how to take on adult roles with the elder girls taking ‘mother’ roles and the boys becoming hunter/gathers. This was a thought provoking piece which challenged both the cast and audience as it covered some shocking subjects including a description of rape of one of the girls and the death of three of the characters – one of which was by the hands of another child.

Adjudicator, Sue Doherty, was impressed with the very talented cast and asked the audience to give them another round of applause for their confidence and concentration throughout the piece. She felt that Amanda showed great maturity of character and that the whole cast worked well together.

Photographs by Mike Trout