Awards – One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival Awards1

Northern Arts Rose Bowl –  Best Festival Play
John Bowring Trophy – Best Director in Youth Festival
Cyril Spencer Trophy – Best Play – Youth (Under 20) Category
Caine Family Trophy – Best Director in Festival
Mark Clift Trophy – Best Actor in Festival
Jean C Webb Award – Best Actress in Festival
Rushen Players President’s Award – Best Actor Supporting Role
Personal Choice Limited Trophy – Best Actress Supporting Role
President’s Cup – Adjudicators Award
Nadine Talbot Award – Best Dramatic Moment in Festival
Daphne Clark Memorial Trophy – Best Comedic Moment in Festival
Sure Mobile Award – Best use of Sound & Lighting in Festival
John Hayes Trophy – Best Stage Design in Festival
Olga Gray Award – Best Youth Actress
Stan Woollock Trophy – Best Youth Actor
Service Players & Caine Family Prize – Best Play Runner Up

One Act Play Festival Awards2
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