Ivy by Legion Players

Ivy by James Hogan presented by The Legion Players

What a start to the festival. Audience members were greeted by a fairly elaborate, close set which was evidently a store room/staff room of some description.

Victor, played by Howard Caine, entered the stage with a physicality we have come to expect from his performances. Victor had very little to say verbally but audiences were left with no doubt that he had little time for his co-worker Ivy and her tales and grumbles. As the performance went on it became clear that Victor was didn’t have the emotional skills to provide the comfort that Ivy requires.

Ivy, played by Stephanie Gray, entered with a suitcase, dressed with coat and handbag and looking ready to leave. It became clear very quickly that she was leaving the hotel after 40 years of service, being retired in favour of Little Miss Button Missing.

The performances were warm, funny and moving. The idea that after so much time someone’s circumstances can change so significantly and, at a time when Ivy should be enjoying her retirement, she finds herself homeless and reliant on a friend who she mentions frequently.

There is a sadness in this play and one that appeared to resonate with the audience. Well done Legion Players. Your portrayal of this work by James Hogan was honest and thought-provoking.