Interior Designs by Jimmie Chinn presented by Broadway Theatre Company

“Interior Designs” by Jimmie Chinn presented by Broadway Theatre Company

Three women from different backgrounds share a common fate of loneliness and frustration.  In order to fill the emptiness of their lives they attempt to trap the eligible odd job man, Him, who comes into their lives to offer his services.

Review by Susie Beswick

Three women from different backgrounds, different ages and experience but who share the loneliness and frustration of living alone. In order to lift their lives, they attempt to trap the eligible ‘odd job man’ Him, who comes to offer his services!

Despite appearances. Amy, is a single mum with more than she can handle, Holly works in TV and seems quite frankly more than a tad high and mighty with enough sass to drive away anyone who doesn’t courtesy, whilst Irene is older, a teacher, gentle, kind and smiley – I’m sure that she really did want her house to have a new lease of life, not just the added bonus of Him.

The acting area for the three ladies was very clearly defined but not uniform; Amy’s pad was sufficiently spares, if there was a whiff of washing! Irene’s looked a tad more homely upstage centre whilst Holly’s was as you would expect, a little superior with tall stool and red phone to complement her red attire. The phone I could well have imagined!

Because the areas weren’t cluttered we were able to see the girls without being distracted and getting a false idea. This also paved the way for Him to wield his stepladder. There was dialogue between the ladies themselves and of course we heard the conversations between each couple. It’s interesting that Him clearly stated, to Amy and Holly that he was unmarried which they chose to believe despite it being patently obvious that he was. Him was certainly a very energetic man who was making a fair amount of money. It rendered a rye smile when he was leaving each of them when they were invited to settle their bills.
Hollie’s bill was by far the most expensive, but instead of £hundreds, he charged Irene a miniscule amount and seemed to be reluctant to charge anything. Did Him have a heart at the end? I’d like to think so.
A well-choreographed piece with three strong actors. Well done Broadway.

Photographs by Mike Trout