The Terrorist by Graham Jones presented by Service Players

“The Terrorist” by Graham Jones presented by  Service Players

A man’s past comes back to haunt him and his family, with unexpected and chilling consequences for all concerned.  Can you ever really escape your past?

Review by Susie Beswick

Two families, the Conways and the Radleys, are unconnected in the present but their past is a lot less savoury.

David Conway describes how he recently and unexpectedly bumped into Radley who seemed to recognise him. He knows what that means though he’s not sure whether Radley did see him commit a heinous crime preferring to believe that he had not been detected.

Conway contrives to meet Radley and realises he has no alternative but to repeat his original crime.
The naive, indiscrete daughter, Jane Conway, tries to help Mrs Radley find her husband, who seems to have disappeared. The husband who Conway has earlier dispatched!

Mrs Radley calls at the Conway’s to retrieve her coat whereupon Maria Conway realises she will not see her daughter again given that she has tampered with Mrs Radley’s car and is aware of the inevitable ending.

This thriller kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
A cast of confident, well-paced players made for an intense but unpredictable outcome.
The dead body dragged offstage provided a break in the tension.
We’ve all been at the mercy of a recalcitrant stage door, well done Service Players.

Photographs by Mike Trout.