Money for Paint by Michael da Silva presented by Hog the Limelight

“Money for Paint” by Michael da Silva  Presented by Hog the Limelight

A Black Comedy.  An artist is recruited by his girlfriend’s ex-boss to kill her … for a lot of money.  Can he do it?

Review by Susie Beswick

This original script, a black comedy ‘Money for Paint’, splashed by ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ had much to offer from a young cast.

Once the metal cups ran out, the play took off. The line “How we gonna get in without them hearing us” delivered as an orchestra strikes up was priceless.

It might not have been Beckett or Ionesco and the final painting was interesting and tangible (not sure about the dead dude).

It was well received by the audience who appreciated both the energy, which was certainly tangible, and the dance, again a tangible delight. I suspect Karina doesn’t need keep fit classes.

The ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ was certainly given an enjoyable airing.
Well done Hog the Limelight.

Photographs by Mike Trout