The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh performed by White Cobra Productions

The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh performed by White Cobra Productions

Stunning set, excellent acting, a great evening’s entertainment. Is there a theme developing in this year’s Festival? There have been 4 deaths, dissatisfaction with the church and the principle characters dressed in clothes from the recycle bin. Set in Ireland’s remote West Coast the two brothers could do with a good cleaner for the house and maybe a Deliveroo service. Their continual bickering over crisps and religious cheap tatt was
the farcical element which masked the deep tragic background to their existence.
Everyone had skeletons in the cupboard which seemed to be resolved by the suicide of the priest, but inevitably exploded again. Thank you White Cobra for bringing Martin’s often controversial drama to the Gaiety stage and giving us food for thought about the future of theatre.