Exit by Ron Dune presented by Hog the Limelight

“Exit” by Ron Dune presented by Hog the Limelight

Five people awaken on stage not knowing how they got there and no visible exit.  They discover things about themselves and each other that could help solve the mystery. A huge leap of faith may be the only way out.

Review by Susie Beswick

Five bodies lying on an undefined area, dark and uninviting so what are we supposed to think? Fortunately, a man moves and gets up. In turn they all help each other and we see five people on their feet but confused, wary, defensive and more to the point other than being able to tell us their names they have no memory. The past, present, and future are unknown. They are rational human beings so where are they, what are they doing there and why and how are they going to get home even if they don’t know where home is??

They’re all lucid but this doesn’t stop each of them thinking the other four have to be responsible or at the least, dangerous. None of them are hungry, sleepy or in pain but inevitable there is friction and blame. Interestingly, all five characters have different qualities which means that they react to their circumstances differently, maybe they become cross, kind, frightened, worried, logical or perhaps move in a frenetic way.

Ollie is the first to decide on action and he bravely throws himself into the abyss to find a way out. Gradually the other three, BonnieGreg and Georgia disappear leaving Allie collapsed and alone.
Finally, two kind and efficient ladies appear, clearly they know what they’re doing and have medical equipment with them.
Mental health issues are being understood with more kindness and medical intervention which is comforting, but….
I can’t imagine having four other disparate beings inside my head, how disturbing!

The cast worked well together with familiarity and confidence I really didn’t see the ending as was coming, so the conclusion was surprising but thought provoking. Thank you. Good work Hog the Limelight.

Photographs by Mike Trout