Customer Services presented by The Service Players

Customer Services
By Lisa Creighton, presented by The Service Players

The staging was simple but effective leaving the audience with no doubt that they were in a dreaded customer services department, with a white desk with LIFE in bright letters.

Gary, played by Tom Cain, was on stage from the beginning as our enthusiastic Customer
Services Assistant, a bubbly character who clearly loved his job.

Lisa Creighton is a skilled playwright who is known for her witty writing style and this piece
did not disappoint. The play was full of clever dialogue and slick performances from the
cast. The audience laughed along at appropriate times and felt engaged with the character
of Gary and the visitors to his customer services desk. Howard Caine made his second appearance of the festival, with his trademark physicality and well-timed humour.

Well done Service Players and Lisa. We look forward to seeing what you produce next.