Mother Figure from Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn, presented by Broadway Theatre Company

Mother Figure from Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

presented by Broadway Theatre Company

The staging was full and the most elaborate of the festival. Clearly showing a living room, strewn with children’s toys, ironing board, messy coach and child’s cot. The lighting was a warm wash.

Lucy, played by Laura Jones, was the mother juggling children and a messy home. Instantly familiar, she made the audience warm to and sympathise with her. We are all familiar with a messy living room – too many toys and a washing pile which never ends.

Lucy’s neighbour, Rosemary, played by Kate Cowley, entered as a concerned neighbour feigning interest after receiving a call from Lucy’s husband. Rosemary came across as a typical nosy neighbour, looking around the messy room.

It wasn’t long before Lucy was mothering Rosemary and feeding biscuits and juice, leading to Rosemary’s husband coming looking for her. Terry, played by Matt Quinn, arrived as an alpha male type but soon reverted to childhood behaviour under the influence of Lucy.