The Sandlewood Mouse by Stephen Moran presented by Rushen Players

“The Sandlewood Mouse” by Stephen Moran  presented by Rushen Players

Nick and Sue are auctioning their ‘heirloom’ pottery mouse.  On the day, an unexpected level of interest suggests that their part time paperweight is more valuable than expected.  Will Nick’s cunning plan to maximise their fortune bear fruit?

Review by Susie Beswick

With six central cast members and around ten very important ‘Extras’ attending ‘The Dinsdale Auction in Claverton’, it was certain that a merry bidding session and lots of chat would be on the cards.

An unexpected technical hitch precipitated chancer Nick’s idea that the auction could make his fortune.
Given that his mate is a banker who can access funds at the drop of a hat, he bids  top dollar for a Sandlewood Mouse, despite Sue’s reservations.
We all know he will never recoup the amount he pays for it.

Nick is not a villain but everyone seems to agree that he’s greedy. In fact the happy ending went to George who at long last can wave farewell to the hated eleven pottery vermin which for fifty two years his wife has insisted on displaying  whenever possible.

I hope I encounter many of the disparate and interesting characters that were at Claverton the next time I enjoy a trip to an auction. What a happy band.
An interesting play requiring good ensemble work, well done Rushen Players.

Photographs by Mike Trout.