Lost the Plot by Lisa Creighton presented by Service Players

“Lost the Plot” by Lisa Creighton                                                                          Service Players

Five university friends reunite every ten years at a party.  They catch up on life, love, family and careers, and reminisce about their salad days.  A comedy best served by the phrase “You couldn’t write it”.

Review by Susie Beswick

Five university friends reunite every decade, same place, similar party. They catch up on the present and reminisce about the past, so some issues have never been put to bed whilst certain truths have taken flight or morphed! Fundamentally they have changed little but maybe they are growing up.

The curtains opened onto an appropriate set with sufficient space for the walk and talk as their relationships unfold.

Decked out with a certain charm and obviously not on the bread line – the gents were suited and booted and really looked the part. Their attitude and demeanour really did radiated confidence. Polly emerged looking very glamorous in a different dress after each scene. This was a well rehearsed piece with crisp dialogue.

Glued to her desk most of the time Felicity managed to sip and refill without becoming a distraction or drunk as she mumbled and wrote trying to put “all their lives in order”  She was a part of but separate
In brief, the gents all aged very well over the decades, affable and affectionate James won the lovely PollyTristan continued to talk ad-infinitum with total commitment and camply. Simon is probably still decorating his chair with glass in hand while JohannaArthur and Vladimir look on! A fab piece of ensemble work from an experienced cast. Well done Service Players. Ace

Photographs by Mike Trout