One Act Play Festival

The One Act Festival 2018:
Wednesday 7th – Saturday 10th February
King’s Court Theatre, KWC

GoDA Adjudicator: Alan Haslett

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Wednesday 7th February

Hog the Limelight
Jilted Lovers Helpline by Johnny Grim
Alongside organisations such as The Samaritans there’s a lesser known community service.  The Jilted Lovers helpline is a recent addition to the family care and planning network, an avenue for dumped lovers to rebuild their broken hearts.

Rushen Players
Heart in the Ground by Douglas Hill
A young couple struggle to come to terms with the death of their baby.

Service Players
CCTV by Derek Webb
The dull routine of life in The Oaks shopping centre security office is blown away with the arrival of a surprise visitor.  The humour comes thick and fast as the three members of the security team try to deal with unforeseen – and hilarious – circumstances.

Thursday 8th February

Legion Players
The Chip Van Plays by Dixie Robert Iles
A poignant comedy, set beside a cemetery. Two strangers – a local man who’s lost his wife and a woman who is Australia bound.  Each find they share more than they would have expected – including a love of chips.

Hog the Limelight
The Perfect Gentleman by Sharon Mitchell
In a series of letters Cyril recounts his experiences of “The Great War” from volunteering as a “Tommy” to leading his men at the front line.  Back home his family eagerly await news of his return.

Arbory Players
Cruising by Di Brown
Be transported to the sunny Mediterranean on board a first class cruise ship.  Meet some of the passengers and, as their week in the sun progresses learn about their loves, lives and hopes for the future.

Friday 9th February

Youth Arts Centre
The Free9 by Insook Chappell
The Free9 is not the name of a rock band.  It is the name given to a group of stateless orphans from North Korea, aged 14 to 20, in search of a life in South Korea.  Each has a story that defies imagination about human cruelty, but their true stories tells the rest of us how precious life is.  This is a story about how they got their name.

Youth Arts Centre 
Cinderella Kids by Marcy Heisler
Cinderella is a young woman forced to work as a servant for her horrible stepmothers and two stepsisters.  The King invites every eligible maiden to attend a ball for the Prince returning home, and he shall pick one of them to become his bride, but who shall he pick?

Saturday 10th February

Service Players
Interview by Lisa Creighton
Maggie is conducting interviews for a mysterious job vacancy.  Three people apply and answer a series of intriguing questions, but who is perfect for the role?

Blackwood Little Theatre
Toasted by Graham J Evans
Pudding Lane, London, 1666.  A bakery made of wood and thatch; a blazing oven; an arsonist; an exhausted Frenchman and a family with one brain cell between them.  What could possibly go wrong?

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