British All Winners Festival – Night Six

On the home run now with the last full-length play, a familiar offering of “The Night Alive” from the ever reliable Bejou Productions.

The set was carefully hidden from the audience by the curtain, or was the curtain simply stopping things from falling off the stage?!  Once revealed we were welcomed into the Dublin flat of Tommy, though how he could ever find anything in such an untidy, chaotic mess was a surprise.  Bringing all these props to the theatre must have been quite a logistical nightmare and certainly would have brought back memories of student days to many of us.

The team gave us good lilting Irish accents throughout the performance which helped draw us into the chaotic and somewhat lonely world of Tommy and his only real friend Doc, but with the introduction of Amy this world descends into more chaos and lots of trouble.

We were treated to some really natural performances from the entire team with the rather simple and slow-thinking Doc giving us a lovely characterisation and some excellent gentle comedy.  Maybe Kenneth could have been more menacing, but his presence was certainly felt.

This sensitive and sympathetic performance really examined a huge spectrum of emotions, managing to really mesmerise the audience.  Once again Conor McPherson has written a thought provoking, hard hitting yet wonderfully sensitive story.

With 3 very different full-length plays to consider our adjudicator Russell Whiteley should have to really think hard to tease out the right winner.

Our final report will be with you as soon as possible after the celebrations have died down tomorrow.

  • Karen & Michael Goodman

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